Iowa Public Works Service Bureau

Street Reports

Welcome to our reports page. Below you will find a series of dashboards and charts created with street data supplied from the Iowa Pavement Management Program and budget data supplied from the Iowa Department of Transportation. These reports are from the Iowa DOT’s municipal surface and bridge surveys, along with the Street Finance Reports submitted to the Iowa DOT annually by each city. Where city finances are concerned, the dollar amounts are self-reported by each city according to their best accounting practices. Iowa’s account code structure is flexible so it can meet each city’s specific needs. For example, some cities may subcategorize salaries to specific activities, such as snow removal, and some cities may enter all salary expense on the generic salary line.

PWSB Reports

  • Capacity Improvements
    Projects to add lanes or other traffic features along existing streets or at intersections to increase the ability to move traffic.
  • Engineering and Professional Services
    Expenses for engineering staff and private consultants working on street projects.
  • Principal and Interest
    Principal and interest payments on bonds or loans for street projects.
  • Road Use Spending Report
    Compares total street spending from Road Use Tax versus all other sources.
  • Snow Removal
    Expenses for staff, ice control materials, equipment, and use of outside contractors, if applicable, to address snow removal needs. 
  • Street Cleaning
    Expenses for staffing, equipment, and outside contractors, if applicable.
  • Street Lighting
    Expenses for staffing, materials, electricity, and maintenance (if in-house) or payments to a separate utility/department (if contracted).
  • Street Maintenance
    Expenses for staff, materials, and equipment to keep a street in proper condition. May include contract work such as joint sealing or patching projects. The street maintenance activity falls under “Services and Commodities – Contractual Services” in Iowa’s account code; however, some cities generally perform street maintenance with staff, which would not fall under this category.
  • Street Preservation
    Project costs items such as pavement patching, thin overlays, and short areas of reconstruction.  Preservation falls under “Capital Outlay” in Iowa’s account code.
  • Surface Breakdown
    Based on the Iowa Pavement Management Program.
  • Traffic Control and Safety
    Projects to address accident concerns such as updating traffic signals, new street lighting, and sidewalk improvements if in conjunction with a street project, traffic calming devices, etc.